Route 53

Rocky Warren
Rocky Warren
May 25, 20201 min read
  • Use to route traffic between AWS regions
  • Alias records provide Route 53-specific extension to DNS allowing you to route traffic to selected AWS resources such as S3 buckets
  • Routing Policies
    • Simple: use for single resource, e.g., web server serving content for If multiple IPs are provided, Route 53 returns them in random order.
    • Failover: use for active-passive failover, if health checks fail in one region, traffic is routed to healthy region
    • Geolocation: route traffic based on location of users
    • Geoproximity: route traffic based on location of resources and optionally shift traffic using biases from resources in one location to another
    • Latency: route traffic to resources in region providing best latency
    • Multivalue: Route 53 responds to DNS queries with up to eight healthy records selected at random
    • Weighted: route traffic to multiple resources in proportions you specify