The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by Jim Dethmer

Rocky Warren
Rocky Warren
December 29, 20203 min read
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  • Am I above or below the line? Am I willing to shift with for conscience breaths and improved posture?
  • Commit to take full responsibility for your circumstances, "what can we learn and how can we grow from this?"
  • Commit to learning over being right.
  • Shifts
    • Wonder: I wonder what I can learn today that will benefit everyone? How we can get more done in less time?
  • Commit to feeling feelings all the way to completion--locate them, breathe, move or vocalize with a sound, and release instead is recycling or repressing
    • e-motion, energy in motion, feelings are physical sensations
    • 5 primary emotions - anger, fear, sadness, joyful, sexual
  • I commit to saying what is true for me. I commit to being a person to whom iteration can express themselves with candor.
    • How do I say it in most loving way possible?
    • Repeat back to make sure you understand
    • Start sentences unarguably, "I'm thinking..., I feel...(sad, angry, etc), I notice (sensory experience in body)...
  • I commit to ending gossip, talking directly to people with whom I have a concern, and encouraging others to talk directly to people with whom they have an issue or concern
    • Would you say it if they were in the room?
  • I commit to the masterful practice if integrity, including acknowledging all authentic feelings, expressing the insatiable truth, keeping agreements, and taking 100% responsibility.
  • I commit to living in appreciation, fully opening to both receiving and giving appreciation.
    • 4 elements of masterful appreciation: sincerity (head think, heart feel, gut experienced sensation), unarguable (i appreciated the...), specific, succinct
    • entitlement arises when rewards and benefits become expected instead of preferred
  • I commit to expressing my full magnificence and to supporting and inspiring others to fully express their creativity and live in their zone if genius
  • I commit to creating a life of play, improvisation, and laughter. I commit to seeing all of life unfold easefully, and effortlessly. I commit to maximizing my energy by honoring rest, renewal, and rhythm.
  • I commit to seeing that the opposite of my story is as true as or truer than my original story. I recognize that I interpret the work around me and give my stories meaning.
    • Turn thought to opposite, to the other person, to yourself,
  • I commit to being source of my approval, control, and security.
    • Which ones are driving my surface desire?
    • What if you're already totally approved of, loved, and accepted? What if everything worth being controlled is already under your control? Already whole, perfect, complete, and lack nothing.
    • "If only...I would...", not the wants but the wanting of something different that leads to unsatisfying life
  • I commit to experiencing that I have enough if everything...including time, money, love, energy, space, resources, etc.
  • I commit to seeing all people and circumstances as allows that are perfectly suited to help me learn the most important things for my growth.
  • I commit to creating win for all (me, them, org, the whole) for whatever issues, problems, concerns, or opportunities life gives me.
  • I commit to being there resolution or solution that is needed: seeing what is missing in the world as an invitation to become that which is required.