Fresh Hot 100: an App for Only the Most Recent Chart Toppers

I check Billboard's Hot 100 chart each Thursday to keep my playlist up-to-date. It was time consuming, however. Here were the steps I'd go through:

  1. Go through entire list searching for new songs since previous list
  2. Copy new song's title and artist
  3. Paste into GrooveShark, listen to it, and add it to my playlist if I liked it

Obviously, step 1 takes the longest. What I really want is just a list of the songs that weren't on the list last week. That's where Fresh Hot 100 comes in. It's a simple web app I created that just displays the songs that are new to the Hot 100 list since the last time you visited. Clicking on a song opens a Grooveshark search in a new tab. It's not the prettiest web site, but give it a try and let me know what you think.

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