Things I've made.

I've worked on lots of projects over the years. From those that are open-source, I'm most proud of these. If you see something interesting, check out the code!

  • PrivacyProtect


    Securely share passwords and sensitive files over email or store them in insecure locations like cloud or USB drives.

  • 3D CAD collaboration

    3D CAD collaboration

    Applications demoed to Fortune 100 companies at Vertex Software. They are untested proofs of concept.

  • StartupIntel


    Life is too short for bullshit jobs. Discover startups that matter to wisely invest the 2,000 hours a year you spend at work.

  • Serverless Webhooks

    Serverless Webhooks

    Highly scalable, well-tested, serverless webhook delivery service in use at Dwolla. Find code links at the bottom of the article.


    The site you're on right now. It's (over)built with NextJS, Tailwind, and MDX and deployed on Vercel.

  • Masterpieces, Reimagined

    Masterpieces, Reimagined

    Art meets algorithms—masterpieces passed through self-inverse functions to scramble each pixel. Passing that image into the same function yields the original artwork.