Productivity in the age of hypergrowth.

The article explores the complexities of maintaining productivity during periods of rapid organizational growth, detailing the challenges that come with scaling an engineering team. It discusses the diminishing returns of adding new members to a team without proper training, the increased burden of management layers, and the importance of project completion. The author suggests strategies for managing growth, including structured hiring and training, minimizing interruptions, and designing flexible software systems to accommodate scale.

Tags: productivity, engineering-management, team-scaling, software-design

Every productivity thought I've ever had, as concisely as possible

A comprehensive collection of productivity insights, emphasizing flexible strategies over rigid systems. He suggests adapting work environments, breaking tasks into actionable steps, and periodically revisiting and adjusting one's approach to productivity. The author advocates for balance, allowing for breaks and recognizing the value of changing contexts to refresh focus and motivation.

Tags: productivity, flexibility, work-environment, task-management, motivation

A Simple and Dynamic Method for Consistent Productivity

The article presents a simple method for enhancing daily productivity, focusing on setting one realistic and significant goal each day, performing tasks sequentially with logging, and minimizing distractions by keeping the phone away. This approach, valued for its flexibility and simplicity, avoids detailed planning, allowing for consistent progress regardless of varying daily conditions.

Tags: productivity, goal-setting, task-management, minimalism

'Positive deviants': Why rebellious workers spark great ideas

The article highlights the value of "positive deviants" or rebellious workers in sparking innovation within organizations. It showcases historical instances, such as NASA's "pirates" who developed a new mission control system against conventional norms, illustrating how such rebelliousness can lead to significant advancements and cost savings. Emphasizing the psychological and practical aspects of fostering a culture that embraces these individuals, it argues for the importance of challenging the status quo to achieve groundbreaking success.

Tags: innovation, organizational-change, creativity, leadership, corporate-culture

Bored People Quit

The article "Bored People Quit" discusses the often-overlooked issue of boredom in the workplace, particularly among engineers. It emphasizes that boredom, if not addressed, can lead to talented employees leaving the company. The author provides strategies for managers to detect and mitigate boredom, such as observing changes in routine, directly asking employees about their engagement levels, and ensuring challenging work aligns with their career goals. It underscores the importance of proactive management in maintaining a motivated and productive team.

Tags: employee-retention, management-strategies, engineering-culture

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