Cloud Hardware Security Module (HSM)

  • Physical tamper-resistant device providing extra security for sensitive data
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified
  • Used to provision cryptographic keys
  • Requires VPC
  • Separation of duties is inherent in CloudHSM design, AWS monitors health and network availability but is not involved in creation and management of key material
  • AWS load balances requests and distributes keys across other HSMs in cluster
    • Recommend at least two HSMs across multiple AZs
  • Single tenant
  • Can integrate with RedShift & RDS for Oracle, etc.
  • Benefits over KMS
    • Dedicated, 3rd-party validated HSM under your exclusive control (AWS cannot administer keys)
    • Integration with applications using PKCS#11, JCE, CNG, and other standards
    • High-performance in-VPC cryptographic acceleration (bulk crypto)
    • Organization admin can export and share keys as needed

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