Incident Response

  • Prevent: WAF, IAM, Network Firewall, KMS
  • Detect: CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Inspector, Detective
  • Exposed access keys
    • Determine access associated with key
    • Invalidate credentials including temporary credentials by either adding a default deny or removing all policies from compromised user
    • Restore access with new credentials
    • Review AWS account to see which actions may have been performed, may need to restore data
  • Compromised EC2 instance
    • Lock instance down
    • Take EBS snapshot and memory dump
    • Perform forensic analysis
    • Terminate instance
  • Steps
    • Prepare
      • Enable CloudTrail, VPC flow, and application logs
      • Use AWS Orgs to separate accounts and reduce blast radius
    • Detect
      • GuardDuty, Detective, CloudTrail/CloudWatch alarms for, e.g., multiple sign-in failures, launching of servers at 3 AM, etc.
    • Contain
      • CLI/SDKs to contain using predefined security group, e.g., contain malware spread
    • Investigate
      • CloudWatch logs, Config
    • Recover
      • Pre-built AMI, database restore, etc.
    • Lessons Learned

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