The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama

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  • External circumstances cannot create lasting happiness, internal states of mind and mental discipline can. Revert to the mean. You can remove negative states of mind and cultivate positive.
  • Cultivate universal compassion. Empathetic and understand their background. This reduces anger and improves your life
  • A wealth of intimacy lies beyond western romantic love. Lasting relationship are based on respect and appreciation of other person
  • Can cultivate spirituality without religion, leading to happier life. Goodness, compassion, and caring for one another.
  • Suffering is natural, but we often increase it unnecessarily. Attempt to eliminate the mental root cause instead of magnifying. Don't resist change and lows. Don't replay negative past events.
  • Eliminate negative habits only through sustained effort. Positive emotions can be used to combat negative.
  • Shift perspectives to find the good. Sitting by farty person can teach patience and tolerance. Chance to become stronger. Must practice.
  • Confront and analyze feelings of anger and hatred and replace with patience and tolerance. Negative health effects, venting doesn't help. Reducing stress helps reduce anger. Pause to analyze it logically.
  • Combat anxiety by challenging the thoughts and replacing with positive ones.

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