Atomic Habits by James Clear

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  • Small habits are powerful because of compounding. Change requires patience and confidence.
  • Habits are automated behaviors learned from experience. Cue, craving, response, reward.
  • Building new habits requires hard to miss cues. Change surroundings to encourage good habits. Implement intention to lay out specifics of doing something.
  • You're motivated by reward, make habits attractive. Desiring is sometimes as good as getting. Commit to only doing something you like while doing something good for you.
  • Make habit as easy to adopt as possible. Reduce friction for good, increase for bad. Commit to a two minute rule for food habits. Getting started is hardest. Build on momentum of existing habits with habit stacking.
  • Making habits immediately satisfying is key since habits are delayed return. E.g., open trip to Europe account to encourage less eating out.
  • Create framework to keep habits on track, either by tracking or negative consequences for not sticking to it. Make commitment with partner.

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