Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Chip and Dan Health

  • What are we giving up by making this choice?
  • What else could we buy for the same time and money?
  • Remove some of your existing options, what would you do then?
  • Multi-track with multiple options simultaneously.
  • Think and, not or.
  • What would need to be true for this to be the best option?
  • Ooch.
  • Perspective shift: "What would our successors/best friend do?"
  • Time shift: 10mins/10mi/10yr.
  • On stand up alerts, ask if you’re focused on your most important priorities.
  • Pre-mortem and pre-parade.
  • Deadlines as tripwires.
  • Repeat person’s position back to them, point out benefits to their case and flaws with yours.
  • Other summaries

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