The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson

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  • Find the struggle that's right for you. What's worth struggling for? Say no to those that don't make you happy.
  • Measure success against proper values instead of comparing yourself to others.
  • Pleasure and material success are shitty. Worthwhile: based in reality, helpful to society, immediate and controllable effect. Honesty, creativity, generosity, humility.
  • Take full responsibility for life. You'd run a marathon if you were forced to do it. You're not a victim, take control.
  • People tend to flee things that threaten identity. More of a hindrance because you won't try for fear of failure. Use Buddhism to discover identity is an illusion.
  • Accept mistakes and insecurities. Ask whether you're wrong.
  • Humans are terrified of dying. We try to build legacy, causing stress. Don't give a fuck. Focus on here and now.

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